1. Cash-on-delivery

You pay when you receive your order. You can pay for your order in cash when the ELTA Courier employee delivers the package to your address. There is an additional charge of €3.50 for COD orders.

2. Direct bank deposit

You can pay for your order through one of our bank accounts. Please fill in the order code and your name in the “Description” box. As soon as the deposit appears in our account, we will complete your order.

National Bank of Greece: GR40 0110 7250 0000 7250 0248 215

Alpha Bank: GR78 0140 1570 15700 233 000 2191

Piraeus Bank: GR63 0171 0410 0060 4102 0010 916

Eurobank: GR25 0260 2790 0006 4020 0494 108

3. Payment through PayPal

PayPal is a secure and convenient way to make payments. The service allows anyone to pay in any manner they choose, including via credit card, bank account, buyer credit or account balance, without sharing financial data with the seller. Before using PayPal, you will have to register to create an account and specify a payment method, such as by credit or debit card.

When you shop online on the website and select PayPal, you are redirected to the PayPal website, where you will have to log in and select one of the payment methods you have specified to complete the payment. PayPal processes your payment and redirects you to, where you confirm your purchase. PayPal forwards the payment to Saminthos on your behalf, but payment details are not shared with Saminthos.

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